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Bronze is an alloy of different metals, it is made up of copper, lead, tin and zinc in often different proportions.

Bronze is the first man-made artificial metal alloy. It allowed the manufacture of strong and powerful weapons. This alloy is also at the origin of the creation of many businesses. Bronze was first used around -2000 BC, this period is called the Bronze Age.

Today, this metal is much less used in Europe, it is mainly used for old objects, church bells, but in Asia it is widely used for the realization of statues, sculptures, ..... Many works of art are made of this material because it is extremely durable.

There are 3 characteristics that make bronze so special:

Very good wear resistance
Good corrosion resistance
Good electrical conductivity

Bronze tends to oxidize, releasing copper oxide or "verdigris". It then turns light green. However, our craftsmen manage to oxidize copper using their own technique, which they have acquired through years of research and experience. These techniques are today their manufacturing "secret".

The lost wax technique:

One cannot imagine how long and difficult the manufacture of a bronze statue is, especially in countries of Asia where the heat and humidity are often overwhelming.

The sculptor first makes a wax statue by adding one or more vents (to evacuate the air) and he also adds a funnel which will be used to pour the molten metal. The next step is to wrap the wax with either refractory cement (especially used in the West), where in Asia a mixture of clay and straw or even dung is used earlier. The mold is then placed in the heat fire which will melt the wax and leave the imprint of the future sculpture. The next step is to pour the molten metal into it in order to fill this cavity. After everything has cooled, the mold is broken to recover the sculpture.

The next step is the most important, because it will give all the value and especially the beauty to this sculpture. It will have to be chiseled, polished .... It is at this moment that the craftsman expresses himself and that we will recognize all his art! Because the more time the artist will spend on it, the more the piece will have added value through the finesse of the work.





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